Friday, February 13, 2009

Leather Blues

It’s no secret I love eBay; that site is absolutely amazing. However, I do hate when I forget to bid on items I set my heart on. I wanted this leather jacket, I had already planned to wear it but unfortunately I forgot to bid on it in time and some lucky person got it for $12.50.

Oh well, that’s life. Today I went shopping and all I bought was a pair of $0.50 shorts, I know that sounds unbelievable but they were really on sale for $0.50 at TJ Maxx. So most people probably hate TJ Maxx but I’m in love. Sure there are frumpy and nasty and unfashionable clothes, ugly purses, and hideous shoes but I love searching for cheap items. If I spend a ton of money on one piece the only thing I feel is guilty.

During my shopping trip today I also found one pair of the shoes below left at my local Forever 21 and I really like them. I don’t know whether to buy them or not though despite them being on sale for only $13.99.

Anyways I’m exhausted so I’m going to go dream of beaches.

Anne Michelle


  1. What a shame, that jacket is so awesome! But $.50 shorts?! Crazy :) I haven't been to TJ Maxx in so long but I have a friend who works at one and she always gets really cheap stuff (employee discount).

  2. buy the shoes! they are HOT! :D
    thanks for your loverlyy comment!
    happy valentines! <3